2022 Interior Design Trends

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Interior design trends often change from year to year. Over time, several factors influence the popularity of certain colors, layouts, and materials. From lifestyle and demographic shifts to the rise of new technologies, diverse varieties of style tend to emerge. For instance, many millennials recently bought their first homes, adding their unique preferences to the scene. Let’s explore the 2022 kitchen and bathroom design trends most likely to make a meaningful impact.  

2022 Kitchen Design Trends

The kitchen is the center of many families’ homes. Not only are they used for gatherings and celebrations, recent lifestyle changes present a growing need for greater utility. As a result, kitchen designs which balance form and function are likely to grow in popularity this year.  

Multi-Purpose Spaces

Many homeowners recently began using their kitchens as makeshift offices while working from home. While they’ve traditionally been used for meal preparation and serving, islands can now double as workspaces. Virtual work may remain for years, and modern kitchens will likely reflect this. In fact, we expect extra outlets and built-in USB ports to be featured in walls and islands throughout this room. We also predict open layouts, large windows, and overhead lighting to be prominent, as well. 

Unique, Expressive Styles

All-white kitchens were once in style. Nowadays, many designs tend toward moodier spaces with an organic warmth. Muddy hues, colorful cabinets, and unlacquered brass support this affinity for understated naturalism. Contrasting red, green, blue, and yellow hues commonly pair well with dramatic, unpolished stone countertops. Many homeowners now prefer soapstone for its durability, versatility, and earthy appearance. Granite countertops are still common, but quartz and quartzite materials are quickly growing in popularity. These low-maintenance alternatives combine performance with a wide variety of colors and patterns. Sometimes, homeowners even choose veined marble and quartzite for their kitchen backsplashes. 

High-performance kitchens don’t have to feel commercial, and minor details can make a big impact. For example, different countertop edges will greatly influence the mood of any kitchen. Ornate styles including granite pair well with ogee, beveled, or full bullnose edges. Matte stone countertops with live chiseled edges can add a rustic, natural feel to any darker design. One thing is certain: 2022 interior design trends point toward cool, expressive, and functional kitchens. 

2022 Bathroom Design Trends

Many of us have spent a lot of time at home in the past few years. This put greater attention on the look, feel, and purpose of our bathrooms. What may have previously been one of the most underappreciated spaces has now taken center stage. As a result, some spa-like bathroom features will come into focus this year. 

Organic Features

Many families wish to reduce their stress and anxiety while at home. This often pairs with a strong desire to reconnect with nature. One way to accomplish these goals is to include plants and other natural elements in bathroom designs. These organic focal points offer a pure, clean feel without appearing too clinical. Some homeowners even go as far as merging these traditional interior spaces with outdoor bathtubs, showers, and saunas. Minimalistic Japanese styles are also becoming popular, emphasizing various wood and natural stone applications. 

Statement Walls, Wet Rooms, and Standalone Features

Statement walls including hand-drawn murals and richly veined marble appear in many luxury schemes. Matte black or monochromatic patterns are common, and they pair well with stylish chrome fixtures and attractive undermount sinks. Hexagonal tiles often go with shades of white, grey, and black marble or granite countertops. Blue hues ranging from navy and indigo to turquoise offer a deep, welcoming contrast. Warm, natural materials like wood and bamboo will also create a welcoming, textured feel. 

Many homeowners will prefer to feature wet rooms, walk-in showers, and standalone bathtubs. These features create a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere perfect for relaxation and stress relief. Showers may sport built-in overhead fixtures alongside thick doors, mood lighting, and natural stones like marble or granite. If included, bathtubs are likely to be impressive standalone elements, and combination shower-baths are likely to be less common. 

Keeping up with changing interior design trends is important for homeowners. When building or remodeling, don’t forget to plan for the future. Dated and awkward features may reduce the value of your home and make it more difficult to sell or maintain. If you’re looking to spruce up your Lincoln, Omaha, or Nebraska home in 2022, give us a call. We offer dozens of natural stone options sure to suit your unique needs. Our expert team is eager to help with your next interior design project. 

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