Can I DIY (Do It Yourself) My Stone Installation?

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We love die-hard DIYers! Although, with granite and quartz countertops, this might even be beyond the abilities of some of the most ambitious. If one were to DIY this project, it would be high risk for a high value product. Stone installation is a difficult, strenuous, and demanding job. Although DIY is possible (usually only recommended for the experienced), we will gladly install it for you, stress- and injury-free! Zeng Granite is a professional stone fabrication company with over 20 years of experience. We have installed thousands of stone additions into kitchens, bathrooms, showers, basements—you name it! After our installation, you can sit back and enjoy your sparkling new countertops with zero stress. With this, let’s dive into what installing stone countertops really entails.

Let’s first look at the process of installation. Installation takes 2-3 installers in addition to tools and heavy-duty materials. Installation of stone depends on the project, but regardless, we are committed to finish your project as soon as we can. For a typical kitchen, this means only 1-2 days! Afterwards, our Zeng Granite installation crew cleans everything up so you can enjoy your new countertops the moment we leave.

The weight of each slab is about 20 lbs per square foot, and on average, a slab of granite weighs about 1200lbs. Phew! At the shop, we use machines to do the heavy lifting so that none of our crew members get injured. If one were to do this themselves, this would mean employing lots of friends or renting expensive heavy machinery.

By going with professional stone installers like Zeng Granite, you can save money and time, avoid issues and damages, as well as have access to reliable insurance. With 20 years of experience under our belt, we know the most efficient and cost-effective way to get your dream stone put into place. We also know the appropriate protocol and safety measures to make sure nothing dangerous happens to our installers or your stone. If something were to happen to your stone in our shop—don’t worry, it’s on us. All our mistakes are insured, unlike if one were to do it themselves. Doing it yourself would mean that any breaks, cracks, or misplacements would warrant a redo in many areas of the stone installation process.

Even if one were to get their stone installed and usable, some mistakes might not show up right away. Over time, damage to the stone or one’s cabinetry might arise. For example, gaps in the stone seams tend to appear after it settles. Avoiding these long-term issues is something that comes along with investing in Zeng Granite installation. We want to help you cut down on money, hazards, and frustration.

Natural stone is such a beautiful article to have in your home and we pride ourselves on the quality of our fabrication and installation so that your project looks the best it possibly can. Don’t hesitate to stop by to learn more about our installation process!

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