At Zeng Granite, your countertops will be sealed before they are installed. After install, frequency of sealant reapplication depends on use and environment – to test, pour a small amount of water on the countertop. If it beads, your seal is fine. If it penetrates, it’s time for a reapplication – call Zeng Granite!

Yes, although both materials are extremely hard and very difficult to chip or scratch. The most common area for chipping is near the dishwasher or around sink rims. Surface chips are rare. Both types of damage are easily repairable by the professionals at Zeng Granite.

It is unlikely that you will have staining with either material, but granite is slightly more susceptible due to its composition. Hope is not lost, though! Almost any stain can be removed and the stone restored to its original beauty.

Yes! Chips, fissures and scratches can be easily repaired by a professional installer.

Granite will take your hot cookware with ease, although use of a hot pad or trivet is always best practice. Quartz, in contrast, should always be shielded – the resins can discolor if exposed to high heat from a direct application.

This is dependent on the length of your countertops. Typical granite slabs range between 110 and 125 inches by 60 to 75 inches. Quartz slabs are a bit smaller, often about 120 by 55 inches. Most kitchens will have a seam somewhere, but Zeng Granite designers are expert at positioning this in a way that minimizes its visual impact.

Yes, you can, but you may find that your knives dull very quickly! Normal cutting or chopping will not usually result in scratching, although it is possible.

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