How to Choose the Right Commercial Countertop

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Designing a commercial space involves a lot of planning. Form, flow, and function all combine to create a lasting impression on clients and customers. Even minor details will stand out, so its important to carefully consider your needs before making a decision. Whether you’re building a retail shop, restaurant, or corporate office, there is no shortage of materials to evaluate. Regardless, it will most likely need countertops throughout its lobby, kitchen, restrooms, breakrooms, and offices. Your ideal commercial countertop material will largely depend on your unique goals and vision.  

Retail Spaces

Customer-facing businesses often have lofty expectations for their countertops. Daily use is likely, impacts are guaranteed, and their design will be influential. Creating a great first impression is essential to deliver a positive customer experience. Designers will benefit from versatility in color and style as they consider their options. 

The best retail countertops are both physically resistant and visually appealing. Their distinct patterns and pigments attract attention and set the tone of the environment alongside products and artwork. Customers may drop heavy or abrasive objects on your checkout counters, so they should also be strong and low maintenance. Taken together, these needs all point to quartz.  

Quartz is solid, stunning, and easy to clean, making it a truly versatile choice. Product displays made of this material will pop, while restroom countertops stand up against soil and cleansers. Quartz can be customized to many styles and shapes, and also comes in a wide variety of colors. This allows designers to retain functionality while expressing their brand identity. 


It’s possible to have multiple different types of countertops throughout a restaurant. The optimal material for restaurants is likely to vary depending on its use. Commercial kitchens, in particular, must follow certain regulatory guidelines. Federal and state codes govern food service establishments to ensure the safety of customers and employees. 

Kitchen countertops should resist spills, dents, scratches, and harsh chemicals. They must also be easy to clean and maintain over long periods. Style and color are less important unless the kitchen is clearly visible to diners. It’s best to avoid tile, which will be prone to damage and hard to wash thoroughly. Similarly, steel countertops can dent and scratch easily, making them only suitable for prep areas and hot windows. Quartz is a much better option for countertops that will see frequent use and need to be sterilized often. 

Restaurant bar tops and restrooms offer builders more creative freedom than kitchens. Color and design tend to be just as desirable as durability in this case. Once again, the versatility of quartz makes it a natural choice for these establishments. In fact, we’ve installed quartz countertops in several Pickleman’s cafes and every Runza restaurant across Nebraska. However, granite is also worth mentioning, as it’s just as strong and sustainable. Granite is an excellent option for those wishing to create an elegant, luxurious atmosphere for their guests. 

Corporate Offices  

Office buildings serve a wide range of purposes. Lounges, restrooms, conference spaces, and reception areas will accommodate any number of clients, partners, and employees. As such, they may benefit from a variety of different countertop materials. 

Lounges and reception areas should be eye-catching and inviting. A little intent will go a long way, so pick something that reflects your values. Warm colors and consistent patterns can feel reassuring and professional, especially at a glance. Quartz can be personalized to suit just about any room, making it a fantastic all-purpose choice. For example, quartz was a natural fit for the reception desk at the Luxe in Lincoln. Also, granite and marble countertops will add visual depth and even signal authority when placed strategically. Select a design which resonates with your needs, goals, and long-term strategy. 

A word of caution about wood countertops. While they have traditionally been used in corporate settings, we don’t recommend them. Wood is prone to bending, warping, and severe wear over time. This investment is likely to need major attention, especially in high-use areas and humid climates. Consider your long-term goals before choosing wood over other countertop materials.  

We’re one of the premier quartz and granite suppliers in Omaha and Lincoln. Our team has completed over 200 projects across 35 states including Nebraska communities like Grand Island, North Platte, and more. If you are designing a commercial space or need a countertop installer, please give us a call.  We are eager to help with your next commercial design project. 

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