Meet Joel Clark!

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All of our team members work hard to get each customer a unique piece of granite or quartz. You may have had the pleasure of meeting Joel Clark on a job site. He is our Lead Installer and Fabricator.

Joel has been working at Zeng Granite for 9 years. He is a lynchpin to all that gets accomplished in the shop and on job sites.

Joel gets most excited about results! He loves to see the look on a customer’s face when he reveals the final countertop in a home. He hates to disappoint, even if it is just for by a day or two. His least favorite part of the job is having to tell a customer that a piece of granite broke. Thankfully this is a rare occurrence.

At home, Joel lives with his fiancé, Tori, and their 2 dogs, Pluto and Zeus. Some of you may have met Pluto, the Golden Retriever. He is Henry’s brother and sometimes hangs out at the Zeng office. Zeus is a Husky.

Camping and being outdoors is how Joel spends his off time. It makes perfect sense to him, to work with nature through granite at work, and then spend time in nature on the weekends.

Each piece, style, and color of granite has a name, and if Joel was a piece of granite…. His name would be:
River Beaudux, because he likes to go with the flow!

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