Meet Wyatt

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Wyatt was born and raised in Lincoln, NE. Even though he is one of the newest members of our team, he naturally fits in with our home-grown staff of installers and fabricators who work in the shop at Zeng Granite.

What Wyatt loves most about his job with Zeng, is being on the job site and helping with the installation of a finished countertop, whether it be granite or quartz. Taking the stone from a plain slab, through the digital cutting and polishing and then delivering it to a customer, allows him to experience the entire process from start to finish. It is satisfying to be a part of every step. When he isn’t on the job site, you can find him at the shop, probably playing with the dogs, Pluto and Henry.

Wyatt enjoys all aspects of his new job at Zeng, except cleaning the bathroom. We can all identify with that. Zeng operates with a slim staff, so there are a lot of little chores, which we all have to pitch in and do.

At home, Wyatt has a couple of roommates. He hopes to add to that crew with a Golden Retriever this summer.

In his off time, he enjoys kayaking, fishing, and being outdoors.

Each piece, style, and color of granite has a name, and Wyatt couldn’t come up with one for himself, so the team had the pleasure of assigning one.

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