Outdated Surfaces to Replace with the New Year

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Keeping up with contemporary trends and styles is tough! Although, the newest modern style is a timeless one. Adjusting simple things in your spaces, such as countertop surfaces, can transform a space like you wouldn’t believe. Switching outdated surface materials such as tile, plastic laminate, and Corian to a more modern natural stone such as granite or quartz will keep you up to date for the years to come. At Zeng Granite, we watch what styles are coming from the east and west coast and apply them to NebraskaWe love introducing builders and remodelers in Omaha and Lincoln to the up and coming trendsOf course, the Interior Designers we work with are usually way ahead of us!  


Contemporary style is all about either quartz or granite. Tile is a trademark of a more retro style. If the style of the rest of your space does not follow this retro vibe, this could be aging your space. Replacing your tile countertops with a sleek quartz or stunning granite could turn your space from outdated to modern.  

Plastic Laminate 

Although plastic laminate could be a cheaper alternative, it is characteristic of more outdated space. Switching out this surface material with an affordable granite could liven up your space. You would be amazed at the difference it makes! Stop by our showroom and easily find stones within your budget because of our Zeng Pricing system. On each stone there are a number of Zs. The more the Zs, the more expensive and the less the Zs, the less expensive! Check out our previous blog titled “Z Pricing” to learn more.

Busy Granite 

Contemporary modernism is all about neutral palettes and minimal visual distraction. One of the biggest reasons quartz is such a popular choice these past few years is because of its applicability to the modern aesthetic. Quartz has constant subtle veining and consistent coloring. Busy and energetic granite is typically not characteristic of a modern kitchen. If you are looking to update your space, turning to a sleek quartz or granite is your best bet!  


Corian was a very popular surface material in the 1990s, but since the rise of other natural and carefully engineered surface materials, it has become out of date. Similar to plastic laminate, this material is characteristic of an outdated/aged space and replacing it with a natural stone will do wonders!   

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