Outdoor Living Space Ideas

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Spring flowers are blooming and summer on its way. It’s that time of year when many of us begin to think about backyard barbecues and social gatherings. For many homeowners, this means considering new ideas for outdoor living spaces. After all, who doesn’t love being outdoors in the summertime? Let’s take a look at some popular outdoor living space ideas for 2022 and beyond.  


When planning ideas for outdoor living spaces, it’s important to put a lot of thought into social interactions. You want to design a space that encourages closeness and conversation. A firepit is a terrific way to do this as it can bring people together and serve as any space’s focal point. Positioning some custom granite benches or natural stone features around it will also create a timeless feel. 

Of course, firepits bring with them the possibility of s’mores. Everyone loves a good bonfire, and this can be an elegant way to lengthen the amount of time you can use your backyard. You can easily customize them to complement almost any outdoor space, and a quick search will turn up some truly inventive designs. Firepits make for wonderful summer evenings and even allow families to use their outdoor spaces throughout the fall. 

Covered Outdoor Living Space 

Whether you live in a hot climate or one with lots of rain, covered spaces are definitely something to include on your list of outdoor living space ideas. Covered spaces can sometimes save an occasion from unexpected weather, often reducing the number of canceled evening plans. They also have an added benefit of providing shade during the hottest summer days. 

There are many ways to integrate covered spaces into your outdoor designs. Pergolas are a classic feature and one of our favorites that can also broaden your options for furniture. Gazebos are also a great way to get some shelter, although we find that the former is better suited for open, multipurpose spaces. In a pinch, even an awning or E-Z UP canopy can transform any space and make it much more enjoyable on a sunny day. 

Natural Patios, Kitchens, and Bar Areas 

Sustainability is on everybody’s mind these days. When thinking of ideas for outdoor living spaces, many people choose to construct a natural patio with stone pavers or granite flooring. Complement this with natural wood furniture for an inviting, organic feel. 

A natural patio is one of the best outdoor living space ideas because it creates a multi-functional space that can be easily rearranged based on your needs or number of guests. Also, the beautiful stonework will add significant value to your property. There are also a wide variety of natural stone features available including fountains, walkways, firepits, and pillars. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination, and consult your local stone experts if you run out of ideas. 

Both kitchens and bars are also great outdoor living space ideas. Since much of socializing is centered around food and drink, either is sure to make an impression. Many people are drawn to them because they allow the hosts to stay outdoors with guests throughout the evening. 

There are many ways to weave kitchens or bar areas into your outdoor space. Consider connecting them to existing features or extending them directly from your home’s exterior. Natural stones like granite or quartz can create a beautiful bar or tabletop setting that your guests will fall in love with. Try to match the shade and pattern with the rest of your patio features to produce a cohesive environment. Just remember to leave room for plumbing and electrical components when you draft your designs. 

Ask the Experts about Outdoor Living Space Ideas 

Our team of experienced professionals has a long history of helping homeowners in Lincoln, Omaha, and surrounding Nebraska communities. We’ll work with your family to brainstorm ideas for outdoor living spaces before settling on the perfect selection together. Contact us today to chat about your next outdoor project and to see how we can turn your vision into a reality.  

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