The Installers’ Final Tasks

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Once your granite or quartz countertop is installed, there are few things your installer will do before leaving your house. And we bet you will appreciate it!

There is usually a dusty mess after an install. Why? We unload the granite from the truck, outdoors and depending on the weather, that can be messier in some seasons than others. Then we use our hands, tools and expertise to install. Some installers may walk away at this point… leaving you to admire your new kitchen or bath. But at Zeng, we go a few steps further than the others.

First, we want you to see the beauty of your new stone, and not any fingerprints or footprints left behind. So we clean the surfaces and get that shiny rock glowing from corner to corner.

Second, we disinfect the counter. The first thing people love to do is run their fingers across the cool, smooth granite. We don’t want that first feel to be anything but gliding, and germ free.

Third, we sweep, spot clean, and wipe down any floors, walls or other surfaces which may have been affected by our dust track.

Finally, we talk through the maintenance and cleaning procedures for the new owners. We want this stone to last a lifetime in your ownership, so we teach you how to treat it right.

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