The Journey of Natural Stone Slabs

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Zeng Countertops and Surfaces takes pride in offering countertops for every style and occasion. We have an inventory full of different types of materials and natural stones that would be a perfect fit for you and your family’s interests. Our granite countertops can give you years of low maintenance beauty and a high level of utility. Its aesthetic appeal stands as a testament to the journey the rock has taken from the depths of the earth to the heart of your spaces. Follow along as we take you on the journey of natural stone slabs, from earth to elegant. 

1. Formation

Natural stones are typically found inside of the Earth’s crust. Extreme heat and pressure over millions of years cause magma and other minerals under the Earth’s surface to solidify, which is what forms granite, quartzite, and marble. The slower the rocks cool, the larger the mineral crystal deposits in the stones. This natural process makes these stones very durable and is what creates their depth and visual interest. 

2. Extraction

The extraction process is very technical and requires specific types of machinery. Natural stones are mined from mountains using drills and explosives. This breaks up the stone into smaller blocks and pieces so it can be collected and transported. Then, the blocks are brought to fabrication facilities where they can get inspected and processed for use. 

3. Cutting and Polishing

Once the blocks are processed in the fabrication facility, they are sliced into multiple different sizes of slabs. The cutting process is done using diamond wire saws or gang saws. The slabs are then polished to smooth the rougher surfaces, revealing the natural patterns and colors hidden within the stone. This stage of the journey transforms raw natural stones into soft slabs ready for installation in your home. 

4. Transportation

Transporting granite, quartzite, and marble slabs from a fabrication facility to our Lincoln, Nebraska warehouse typically takes a lot of planning. Whether sourced locally or internationally, each slab is handled very carefully, so that no damage occurs during transit. Zeng Countertop’s commitment to quality ensures that only the best granite, quartzite, marble and dolomite slabs make their way to our customers’ homes.  

5. Selection and Customization

Choosing the perfect slab is different for everyone. Our showroom offers a huge selection of natural stone slabs, each with its own unique characteristics and appeal to fit your preference. The slabs can be used for your custom countertops. Our experienced team works very closely with each one of our clients to understand their vision and help guide them in choosing the ideal slab for their space.  

6. Fabrication and Installation

Once the perfect slab is chosen, our team can begin the fabrication process. We carefully cut, shape, and polish the granite slab to exact specifications the client has requested. The finished product is then installed in the space that your family and friends will all enjoy, which completes the journey of a natural stone. 

7. Appreciation

Natural stones are well-known for their durability and longevity. With proper care and maintenance, granite and other natural stone countertops can withstand the test of time. Come see our showrooms at Zeng Countertops and Surfaces and jumpstart your journey in experiencing all the elegance that natural stones have to offer. 

From Earth to Elegant 

The journey of natural stone countertop slabs is well worth the investment. Each slab goes through an impactful journey to become the custom countertops your family will gather around for memorable life moments. Are you ready to make your home one of a kind? Contact us today to get started! 

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