What Are the Types of Countertop Edges?

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If you’re looking to invest in new countertops, it’s critical to consider the types of countertop edges you prefer. Edging is an important feature which greatly affects how the final product looks when it’s installed. A wide variety of choices are available depending on usage, style, and material. The following breakdown explores some different options and how to choose the best fit for your specific design. 


This type is easily distinguishable by its unique name. Bullnose is one of the most popular and versatile types of granite edge options. It provides a semi-circular look that can accommodate virtually any interior design. Bullnose edges produce an elegant, sophisticated feel, especially in new homes. This option is great for anyone who prefers to avoid sharp angles, such as those with small children. However, one drawback is that this edge can encourage spills to trickle down to your cabinets.  

Half Bullnose

The half bullnose contains a flat bottom with the delicateness of the bullnose edge at the top. This creates a rounded appearance and is a great edge option for most kitchens. It provides a more solid appearance than the full bullnose, which can sometimes look a bit thin. Half bullnose countertops are also suitable for leaning and provide a traditional look when paired with stones like granite.  


Blending a traditional feel with a little flair, eased edges are a solid compromise. They boast slightly rounded edges and corners that tend to reduce chipping. This granite edge option works particularly well in smaller kitchens or areas with narrow walkways. Their softened square appearance pairs well with both granite and quartz countertop materials. Eased edges are formal yet functional, allowing them to fit well into just about any style and design. 


Beveled edges feature sharp 45-degree angle cuts. This frames the countertop material and can be customized to half- or quarter-bevel on the top or both edges. Beveled edges are popular and affordable, making them a reasonable option for many spaces. This design is perfect for a classic, ornate appearance when paired with granite. It works well in kitchens, though it can also elevate any bathroom to the next level. 


This is sometimes called a “raw” or “live” edge. It is rough and requires a skilled stone fabricator to design, but the natural beauty is amazing. Chiseled edges work best with granite countertops, and we often see them man caves, basements, barbeques, and outdoor kitchens. However, they can lend a rugged, rustic feel to almost any space.  


Of all the types of countertop edges, ogee is perhaps the most ornamental in nature. It has a dramatic S-curve which will make any countertop material pop. This choice works exceptionally well with quartz or granite and can add elegance and a luxurious feel to larger kitchens. While it’s visually stunning, it’s also one of the more expensive options to consider. 


It’s worth briefly mentioning this specialty choice. Not to be confused with laminate stone countertops, laminated edges add thickness by cementing stone to countertop edges only. This creates an impressive visual effect without the significant weight of a thick granite slab. Laminated edges are a natural fit for standalone kitchen islands where edges are pronounced. 

How To Pick The Perfect Edge

With so many types of countertop designs to consider, it can be hard to decide on your own. Keep in mind that some stone fabricators may charge more depending on the type of edge you choose. We recommend the following steps to narrow them down and settle on the ideal type for your needs. 

1. Visit Our Showroom 

Seeing the edges in person is the best way to evaluate your choices, as pictures rarely capture subtle differences. 

2. Consider Your Style 

As noted, some edges give a contemporary look, and others are much more traditional. Understanding your design preferences will help you eliminate some options. 

3. Ask the Experts 

Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns. We’re happy to help guide you in the selection process. 

Residential and commercial countertops are our specialty. From material choices to edge designs, we’ve helped countless families and companies shape their ideal space. Our team is proud to serve Lincoln, Omaha, and surrounding Nebraska communities with their unique stone countertop needs. We encourage you to reach out for more information or for a tour of our showroom today. 

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