Zeng Granite Core Values – Safety

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At Zeng Granite, we lead with our business’s core values by “Polishing More Than Just Rocks.” Let’s discuss one of those important values: safety.

Safety is essential when dealing with thousands of pounds of stone slabs and heavy-duty machinery every day. Our wet fabrication shop is home to heavy-duty machinery such as industrial trucks and cranes. To be able to use this equipment, it is important that all our shop crew completes the proper education and continues to complete any updated training.

Continual safety training is one of the most important events for our shop crew. This August, 7 of our members completed training classes to become Powered Industrial Truck Operators! These members include:

  • Craig Manke,
  • Connor Worthey,
  • Jennifer Haralson,
  • Noah Conrad,
  • Rylan Gubbels,
  • Ryan Carey, and
  • Keaton Beaudette.

In addition to Powered Industrial Truck Operator training, the following members also completed Host and Crane Operation Training:

  • Tim Zeng,
  • Joel Clark,
  • Wyatt Horner, and
  • Matthew Rodaway.

We also highly value client safety. Our showroom has instructional and warning signs to avoid any accidents, and we establish additional safety measures while working with customers. Another one of our core values is family; we want you to feel like you are a part of our family, and we are a part of yours. Safety to us means protecting the life and health of the Zeng Family—you included!

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